I made the right choice

Symptoms: Constipation, colds, skin ulcers, low blood pressure, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, allergic rhinitis.

Li Xiu Qing

My daughter had been suffering from constipation since she was 1 years old. In the beginning I didn’t realize how big a deal it was, so I only took her to some clinics around the neighborhood. As time went by, her constipation got more and more serious. I let her try both Chinese and Western treatments but the problem remained. Sometimes we got to use enema, which I thought was the cruelest way.

Although I was concerned depending on enema too much might end up an abnormal function in her intestines. But that was the only way I knew to avoid that huge amount of hard excrements exploded from her weak intestine. When I was the most helpless, my good friend Xiao Jun told me there’s a kind of clothing called Teviron negative ions healthy wear could improve my daughter’s problem. Therefore, I bought two whole set of products from both my children. It was such a miracle that once my daughter started wearing the clothes, she could poop normally. The clothes also improved her resistance from getting colds often and skin ulcers.

Seeing the great improvement on them, I decided to let more of the family members and myself to wear the healthy wear. Not just it improved my genealogical problems; my mother in law had also got rid of asthma which she suffered for 33 years! It was so amazing to see my mother in law enjoying iced or spicy food. In addition, I found out the low blood pressure I had had increased from 50/80 to 75/110 after a while!

Due to I was touched by the products, I began to share my experience with people. One of my partners had been suffering from arthritis for years, and was determined rheumatoid arthritis in the beginning of this year. She thanked me for recommending her the full set product in time when she felt extremely gloomy. She has already stopped taking medicine for about six months. She said Teviron had also improved he daughter allergic rhinitis. Now she called me the benefactor of her life!

Life can’t be more meaningful than this, can it? To be honest, I did hesitate in the beginning because of the price just like most people. But on the second thought, if I give my family and myself a chance, our life might be better! Negative ions not only gave us a healthier life but also won us more gratitude and blessing.

Just because I made the right choice, this business has also released the family’s financial problem. I will see this business as an eternal business which can help more people become healthier!