Why You’ll Love Neoron Body Wraps

In Japan, a belly warmer or wrap is called a Haramaki, a combination of two words; “hara” means belly and “maki” means wrap. Since the olden times, it has been worn for reasons—mainly fashion and health. In the market you can find NEORON body wrap. To...

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Negative Ions Create Positive Vibes

There's something in the air, and while some may say it's love, others might say it's the next best thing -- negative ions. Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. Think mountains, rainstorms,...

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Patient Suffered Epilepsy For 40 Years

Testimonial on Epilepsy sharing Here is a Testimonial from Kelly AM+ from Singapore: My brother Cheng Hwee is 45 years old this year. He was an epilepsy patient since the age of 3 due to a high fever. I remembered clearly that whenever his attacks occur, he will be in...

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Flammable Clothing Cause Harm to Children

When clothes we wear catches fire then we are made aware of the need to choose flame-retardant clothing. Consider clothing that is resistant to fire especially for our children is very important. Here are three examples of cases of children flammable clothing: Case...

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Lingering Effects Of Brain Operation

Wu Xu Hui Wen Usage: Complete Set Usage Five years ago, my son was operated on his brain five times because of a car accident. Because of medicine exclusion, the place of operation suppurated. In the hospital, I employed a man to attend to him for one year. I spent a...

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Hereditary Diabetes Mellitus

Teviron Give Me New Life Zhuang Wanzi Usage: Complete set usage I was eighteen when I was diagnosed with hereditary diabetes mellitus. I had to take medication daily for this condition. I wanted to change, so I sought a folk prescription from the traditional Chinese...

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Nefful Negative Ion Clothing Catalogue

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Hi, I’m Jenny

Jenny LimHi, thank you for your interest in our health clothing product. Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it. If money can help buy good health will you be curious to find out what this clothing is about? Dr.Noboru Horiguchi wrote: "The cause of diseases lies inside the cells of our body. A sick body whose illness comes from damaged cells cannot recover even if very expensive drugs, good nutrients, and the best medical care are administered. I realized the necessity of curing the roots, namely the cells in human beings. With energetic cells, human bodies also become healthy enough to block disease or even cure them." For more information of Negative Ion Clothing, simply contact me or send an email.
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