In Japan, a belly warmer or wrap is called a Haramaki, a combination of two words; “hara” means belly and “maki” means wrap. Since the olden times, it has been worn for reasons—mainly fashion and health. In the market you can find NEORON body wrap. To learn more about belly wraps, check out the following information.

Why Women Love Negative Ion Body Warmers

Every month, many women go through the agony and pain of a menstrual cramp due to menstrual period. Some women opt for over-the-counter pain medicines, while some resort to natural home remedies like ice packs and so on to get rid of the pain.

However, many traditional methods give only temporary relief against menstrual pain. That is why women so love the comfort given by negative ion body warmers. Aside from pain relief, the body wrap gives them plenty of other benefits.

Since around the 12th century, women have been wearing tummy wraps to feel comfort and keep their body warm. It has been a tradition passed onto women of these times. Negative ion NEORON body wraps can keep our normal body temperature and maintain its balance.

The body wrap also improves blood circulation in the core area, getting rid of cramps and pain during a menstruation. In this case, they don’t need to take medicines and go for traditional, short-lasting relief from home remedies. They can just wear NEORON under their clothing, even under hipster jeans and tight tops. Additionally, some women can also wear it under their office uniform. At home, they can sleep with the body wrap alone.

Negative ion body wraps also aid in digestion because one can improve the blood circulation in the area where the digestive organs are. They can wear simply add a tummy wrap to their clothes at any given time. In the process, women don’t have to wear several layers of clothing when it’s cold.

With all these benefits, women can’t help but get their belly wraps. They want to experience the comfort and health benefits it could provide them with. Plus, a NEORON body warmer is fashionable.

It can be worn by teenagers, young professionals and seniors. One fits everyone as it’s a free size at 70x27cm. It is also available in fashionable and fun colors of pink and white. The material is light and comfortable to the skin (NEORON 43%, Acrylic 48%, Polyurethane 3% and Polyester 6%). The fabric is soft and skin-friendly. It can be worn without you feeling it is there due to its lightness and breath ability.

For the best results, you may also want to go for NEORON panties that give you the same benefits of their body wraps. That means double the benefits!


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