Negative ion clothing is a modern type of clothing today. Although this is considerably new, people are now starting to recognize the benefits it offers. Negative ion clothing is just like other clothing. The only difference is that it provides more features than normal clothing.

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What Is Negative Ion Clothing Made Of?

Negative ion clothing is made of a fiber called Teviron. Teviron is a modern fiber that is made of Chlorinated polyethylene. This raw material is hauled out from petroleum. Using benzene and acetone, the chlorinated polyethylene becomes fibrous. The primary place where this fiber is manufactured is in Yamaguchi County. After its first production, Teviron received several honorary awards. The main property of Teviron is that it creates negative ions. By wearing it, the individual receives the negative ions produced by the clothing.

What Are The Health Benefits?

As mentioned, negative ion clothing offers many health benefits. The following are just some of them:

• Improved Immune System – Negative ions can improve the immune system. It does this by increasing the amount of Globulin, which is an important immunity substance. This helps prevents infection and other diseases.

• Stronger Cardiovascular System – Negative ions improves the ionization of minerals in the blood. At the same time, it purifies the blood by alkalinizing it. Negative ions can also produce endorphine and enhance the circulation of blood.

• Enhanced Autonomic Nervous System – Negative ions is important in the central nervous system. This is because it controls the system responsible for the feelings and thoughts of an individual to maintain good health. Negative ions can also energize the body parts, activates them and strengthen the weaker body parts.

• Prevents Exhaustion and Fatigue – One cause of fatigue is overproduction of serotonin. Negative ions can prevent exhaustion and fatigue by balancing the production of this hormone. Wearing negative ion clothing can help the individual regain flexibility in certain body parts such as the arms and legs. It also helps soften the muscle, which helps prevent fatigue.

• Preventing Body Aches and Migraine – Another benefit of negative ion clothing is the prevention of body aches and migraines. Several studies suggest that negative ions are effective in alleviate several pains in the body. In addition, regular production of negative ions can also balance serotonin production in the brain. It has been known that serotonin is one cause of migraine. By balancing the serotonin level, it can prevent migraines.

Available Productsanion clothing

Negative ion clothing can be used by anyone. There are different products available for men, women, teenagers and even children. Aside from clothing, there are also bedding accessories made of negative ion fabric.

These are blankets, bed sheets and mattresses. There are also support clothing made of Teviron. You can find ankle supports, wrist bands, shoulder supports, knee supports and body wraps made of negative ion fabric.

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