Negative Ion Waterfall Blanket.
What is Negative ions?

Negative ions refer to oxygen ions that are negatively charged by gaining excess electrons. It is formed by combining free electrons with oxygen molecules in the air.

Natural electrical discharge (lightning) phenomena and waterfalls ionize the surrounding air to form negative oxygen ions. Negative oxygen ions is known as “vitamin oxygen”, “longevity element” and “air vitamin” in the medical field.

Waterfall Negative Ion Blanket Principle of Negative Ion

  • The principle of negative ions is mainly because negative ions have the outstanding effect of anti-oxidation (reducible) and anti-aging effect.
  • The oxidation resistance (reducible) of negative ions is a basic chemical principle. The chemical reaction is the exchange of electrons on the electron layer. The loss of electrons is called oxidation, and the gain of electrons is called reduction. Molecules or atoms that lose electrons show positive charge. They are called positive ions, and molecules (clusters) or atoms that have gained excess electrons are called negative ions.
  • Therefore, the small particle size oxygen negative ion has a negative charges, that is, there are excess electrons, which can be supplemented to the aging cells or blood cells. So as to achieve anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and reduce free radicals. Negative oxygen ions are oxygen ions that gain excess electrons.
  • In the organism, the electrons of lipids are robbed and oxidized into pigmentation.
  • If the electrons of the protein are robbed, the cell function is disrupted, and if the electrons of the gene are robbed, it will become cancer.
  • In organisms, this kind of substance that snatches electrons is called “free radicals”. From the perspective of quantum medicine, snatching electrons is the origin of all diseases.
  • Similarly, rusting of iron, weathering of rocks, and decay of plants are all the results of oxidation.
  • Negative oxygen ions have a negative charge, that is, there are excess electrons. After the electrons are supplemented to the free radicals, the free radicals are reduced (i.e. eliminate the free radicals), and they are transformed into oxygen molecules O2.







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