A phone call from my sister changed everything


Symptoms: Triglyceride, Uric Acid, Insomnia, Migraine

Liu Hui Fang


Thanks to the benefactors of my life, my sister Yu Ling and her husband De Shu. Also, I would like to thank AGM Xie Meng Hui and her family for their support. Most of all, I am very grateful to the leaders of Chen Shan Mei success team and all the other AGMs. Without the cultivation and training, I wouldn’t have been as successful as I am now.


After I graduated from Mingsin University of Science and Technology, I had worked in Hsinchu Science Park for more than seven years. Even though it was a stable job, I still had a lot of pressure that had weakened my health from years of working. Not only my GOT and GPT were above average, the triglyceride were higher than normal level.


I’m overweight because of lack of exercise. I had bad circulation, felt numb in my hands and feet when I slept, coughed a lot if I talked too much. I tried both Chinese and Western healing treatment, but neither of them worked.

October 13th 2004, a phone call from my sister changed everything. I was invited to an OPP in Taipei Grand Hyatt Hotel. My sister asked me to spend three to six months to give this product a try, but I felt a difference after only a few days of using the ankle supports. My feet only used to hurt sometimes before, but after I used the product, they hurt everyday! I lost my voice after I put on the scarf, and cough a lot of phlegm. The first thought that came into my mind was I had been tricked, until I realized those were side effects from recovery.


Due to my short temper, I went to get a blood check after a month I started using Teviron wear. Inexpertly, my triglyceride went down from 202(the checkup in September 2004) to 100, which normal level are under 160. Uric acid had also decreased from 6 to 4.4 which normal level should be under 7. The Yong Quan acupuncture point stopped hurting, no more numbness in my hands, and the coughing problem I had improved well, too. By the way, Teviron had also helped my husband get rid of migraines.

All I want to say is simply a thank you! Thanks to Chen Shan Mei success team.