Product Use: Whole set
Chung Wuan Zu,Taiwan
I was 18 years old when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I spent the golden years of my youth taking medication all of a time. I was tired of taking medication. I used all of the wisdom of eastern and western medicine. I tried vitamins and supplements. I asked Buddha to help me to lower my blood sugar. I searched tirelessly to find anyway that I could help myself until I got a bleeding ulcer. Then big lump grew on the palm of my hand. I had to have this lump surgically removed. I had to stay in critical care for 3 days because I was a diabetic having surgery. I was weak and my immunity was bad. Medicine was my company every day.

When I was 38 years old I had a neuropathy on my foot. I lost the feeling on my foot. Because of my financial condition I still had to work as a housekeeper. I got a crack on the bottom of my left foot. It got infected. It caused cellulites and I had a constant fever. The doctor had to amputate my big toe and my small toe to save my life. On the bottom of my left foot the doctor cut two big holes to remove the dead tissue.

Within 2 and half years I was in and out of the hospital 12 times. In the hospital I got antibiotic or cortisone shots.
I thought that God must have a good reason for my trouble. My angel or friend, Shu Mei told me about a high tech product of negative ion clothes that would improve my health. I was skeptical but I wanted to give it a try. I dared to take all of those medications with all kinds of side effects. I reasoned, why was I afraid to wear these clothes that couldn’t harm me. So I bought the whole set and this is really a miracle.

Within the short period of 3 months my blood sugar dropped from 400 to 130. The bottom of my foot was healed and not bleeding any more.
I was so happy with my blessing that I wanted to share this negative ion product with other people. Through this business I was able to get out of poverty. My life has gone from black and white to colorful. I am thankful for this amazing product.