Negative ions, or anions, are part of life. These are atoms or molecules that are composed of more electrons. Because of the extra electrons, negative ions are negatively charged. Some people often think that since they are “negatively” charged, they are bad for us. This connotation is actually wrong. Although they are called “negative” ions, they actually have positive effects on us.

Negative ions are considered natural purifiers. In our environment, these ions work by removing the particles and dust in the air. It does this by attracting the pollution-causing particles giving them negative charges. Once the particles have negative charges, it becomes harmless.

This is not the only benefit you can get from negative ions. With today’s technology, experts were able to create a fabric that creates negative ion. The negative ion clothing is the newest technology in the clothe industry.

negative ionThe following are the four major benefits of negative ion clothing:

Keeps the Body Insulated

Negative ion clothing has a great insulation property. Fabrics without this property can keep the body feeling cold. This, in turn, compresses the blood vessels. When this happens, the blood vessels are not able to perform its functions. It will prevent the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. The great thing about negative ion clothing is that it keeps the body warm. If the body maintains the right body temperature, the blood vessels are able to maintain the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This keeps the body healthy and strong.

Get Rids of Moisture

Negative ion clothing also offers water permeability. It whisks away the moisture from the body and allows it to evaporate. Wearing negative ion clothing keeps the body dry and comfortable. Most fabrics don’t have this property. The normal fabrics people usually wear absorb the moisture instead of whisking it away. This keeps the body sticky, cold and wet. When the body stays this way, it prevents the blood vessels to perform its functions.

Reduce Chances of Getting Burned

Negative ion clothing is also fire retardant. It does not get burn easily unlike other fabrics. When this fabric catches fire, it will produce a particular odor that helps the wearer detect it, keeping them safe.

negative ion 

Keep the Body Healthy

Negative ions are not only beneficial to the environment. These ions also serve many benefits to the human health. As natural purifiers, negative ions also purify the blood. It does not only regulate the pH level of the blood, but also helps stimulate its circulation. Negative ion clothing can also rejuvenate cells and improve the immune system. Other health benefits of negative ion clothing include regulation of autonomic nervous system and maintaining healthy calcium ion levels.

These are the four main benefits of negative ion clothing. This new clothing does not offer any side effects. You can never have too much of negative ions. Since people are continually exposed to positive ions, having surmountable amount of negative ions can help counter the possible harmful effects.