Name: Lai Fu Lin
Symptoms: Inherited Diabetes, Eczema, Back Pain, Insomnia, Stiff Neck and Shoulders, Ring Worm of the Nails

nefful testimonial


I thank Nefful for making such wonderful products, and I also thank the benefactor in my life, Mrs Su Shia Lin, the area manager, for sharing "Teviron Health Suit" with us. Over the past four long years, my husband's blood sugar level had once raised to more than 300 because his inherited diabetes. His high fats content in his blood, stiff neck and shoulders, and insomnia have bothered him all the time. He is tired in the daytime, prone to flu, weak and is so much in pain that his life was truly gray.

Faith is power. Under the encouragement of Mrs. Lin, I started from using knee bands to using the complete set with the blanket. After wearing them for 4 and half months, my blood sugar level before meal has reduced from 220 to 170, when then further dropped to 150. My other physical problems were also improved. During my scheduled check-up in December 2001, the doctor even said to me, "Mr Ye, I think from now on you can come see me every two months.' How exciting this was! The daily dosage of my medication was also reduced in half (8 pills reduced to 4 pills).

Knee Supporter

My husband gained back his confidence in his work. His temper got better, he looked better, became younger, and our family is filled with laughter.  Seeing the improvement in my husband's physique, appearance, and blood sugar level, I also started using the complete set of products. Besides the improvement in my chronic back pain, what's even greater is with the skin ulcer in my right foot's eczema. When it acted up, I would be in so much discomfort because of the pain and itchiness. I had to wake up in the middle of the night for scratching. There was improvement after the doctor gave me cryotherapy, but the symptoms would return frequently, and the problem couldn't be cured. Because I wear the undershirt/pants, polo shirt, socks, and protective bands, I no longer had to wake up in the night for scratching within 3 months, and the ringworm of the nail in my right toe wa about   60% cured. My right knee had pain as the result of a fall two years ago. I wasn't able to go up stairs. Massages and putting on patches only had temporary effects.

After using the knee bands, the spot in my knee that caved in due to spasm and blood stasis once again became flexible. At the end, I would like to thank Su Shia for sharing the high-tech negative ions clothing products that helped my family to be full of energy. I also thank her for introducing me into Chen-Shan-Mei the world's greatest organization. Teviron brings you health and wealth, and it's a very valuable thing for you to have.


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