Symptoms: Lack of erythrocyte stomach problems, The spleen is tumescent

Cai Chong Shu

Before I got seriously sick I believed in local treatments. Ganoderma Iucidum, fruits, a little rice and noodles are the only things I ate for a year. One day, my feet suddenly enlarged, I thought it was just because of my stomach problem. Then the whole belly became as big as a drum few days after while my arms and legs were as thin as firewood. The doctor determined it was the lack of erythrocyte; my spleen became half of the size of my stomach! The doctor suggested me to remove it but I decided to turn to Chinese medical treatment.

The Chinese herbal doctor was my good friend; he used haematinic to enrich my stomach, and other medicine to reduce the swelling of my spleen. But my condition still went up and down.

My good friend Guo Mei Hui suggested me to put on negative ions as soon as possible. She promised that if I put on all the products I bought before plus blankets, those swelling would disappear in a month. I didn’t want to believe in her because it sounded ridiculous, but I still gave it a try since I had done everything I could. Beyond my expectation, I was able to go for a walk after a couple of days which was such an encouragement to me!

January 18th 2005, the swelling of my spleen almost disappeared. January 19th, the capacity of my hemoglobin increased from 2.3 to 4.3, platelet increased 10,003 to 1,002,000, and even my doctor was impressed with the result! Therefore, I would like to the company for producing such a high-tech product that is benefit to human health. Also, thanks to Chen Shan Mei success team for cultivating us and making people healthy and happy!