Symptoms: Stomach Pains, Diabetes, Gastric Ulcer

Annie Koh

Praise to God!

I had two miscarriages, one in October 2004 and once in April 2005. After the second miscarriage, my period (m.c) stopped for 6 months. I was having stomach pains frequently and my whole body was so bloated. I was very upset. I tried many ways, from specialist doctors to Chinese medicine, to even Malay massages; none of them were able to help me.

Through the introduction of Phua Siew Hong (AM+), I started to wear Nefful products. In the beginning of September 2005, I started with the Pyjamas and supporting series. By the end of November 2005, my period started again. Now, my stomach discomfort has greatly reduced, as well as my bloatedness.

I have had a low blood platelet count for as long as 10 years. The normal platelet count is approximately 100 to 400, while mine was below 100 to 100. My doctor has been monitoring me for a very long time and was concerned about my condition. He was worried that I might have Lupus or leukemia.

I tried different methods to increase my platelet count from Chinese medication to even supplements. None of that helped. In February, after my platelet count dropped to 85, the doctor was concerned and wanted to do a bone marrow test. I decided to wear the full set from this time. I thank God that when I went back for my test in May 2006, my platelet count has gone up to a normal count of 169. Praise to God! I am much healthier and happier