Yu Mingli
Usage: Complete Set of Teviron clothing
In six years, after parturition I have had severe aching in the waist and the back day after day. I could not even wash without supporting myself with my elbow, and when washing my feet I needed to sit on a small chair. I suffered with constipation, hypertension, and micturition or overactive bladder. I am a nurse and could not provide effective treatment for myself. I decided to use Teviron as an alternative treatment.

After using the clothing, I no longer had constipation, my sore waist and backache improved tremendously on the fourth day, and all the pain disappeared on the sixth day. I bought a complete set of Teviron clothing, used it for three days, and after only two hours my neck stiffness improved and my neck could bend and turn. After using Teviron clothing, my daughter’s atopy dermatitis and allergia rhinitis have been cured. Teviron is great!