Symptoms: Rosacea
Chen De Lan

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In my Japanese class, I became acquainted with my referrer, Mr. Shin Jin Li, the senior area manager, and that’s how I got into the world of Nefful. I participated in a day of courses, and attended some presentations, but I only know such products exist rather than actually using them since I didn’t have serious illnesses but then my sister’s daughter-in-law got rosacea. After detailed examinations, the doctor said that she would need to take medication for the rest of her life. If the situation worsens, she would need to undergo dialysis.

We bought the complete products for her, and a week later, her situation got better and she was discharged from the hospital. Her MC also got normal, and she looked a lot better. Although her condition isn’t gone, she has the confidence to fight her illness.

Seeing the benefits she got from the products, I also started wearing them. Two months later, my wrinkles became less. My brother felt it was funny seeing me wearing the Terivon knit hat yet not feel hot, so he got curious and started trying the products as well.

He put on the blanket, and practiced Chi Gung on the bed, and he found out the “Chi” could flow through his body longer than before, and very smoothly and comfortably. Wearing the undershirt and underpants for just a few days alleviated his constipation, and he realized how wonderful these products are. That’s why he started studying them so he could get more benefits out of the products.

Symptoms: Rosacea