Symptoms: Rheumatoid arthritis, Cancer
Tang Jing Ci

Are you sure you want to live the rest of your life like this?

After having rheumatoid arthritis and cancer for years I was imprisoned to a life in a wheel chair since 1998. I could not walk, stand, eat by myself, or move. Besides writing and speaking I could not do anything else. Even though I tried to live my life with an optimistic and positive attitude, at times I felt desperate at the thought of never being able to stand up again.

In March 2003 Yu Lan who was a stranger to me, read about me my story in the newspaper. She asked me, are you sure you want to live the rest of your life like this? If you wear this product and follow my suggestion I promise you that you will be able to stand up again in 6 months. Half of me was suspicious but the other half believed in her so I started using the product. My joints felt painful after wearing these clothes less than a week. I thought this product might work since those side effects were happening to me.

I gradually wore more products and by the end of April my joints started to feel some improvement. I felt more energetic, first I started being able to roll by myself and by the end of June I started trying to stand up. I was able to walk slowly with the help of a Zimmer frame in the beginning of July. My friends and relatives witnessed my incredible recovery, and all believed that it was a miracle. I can finally walk again.

Thank God for his blessing, giving Yu Lan the courage to introduce this product and business opportunity to a stranger like me. Not only has it improved my health but also giving more people confidence to try this product after having seen my recovery.

Symptoms: Rheumatoid arthritis, Cancer



Symptoms: Rheumatoid arthritis, xerophthalmia, constipation
Gao Hua

20 years younger and more beautiful

I am 60 years old; in 1980 I found out that I had rheumatoid arthritis. All the joints in my body got stiff and painful. Sometimes I could not move at all, I lay in bed all day. I was a tough positive woman, but the sickness I had for more than 20 years turned my fingers to be crooked, I could not stand still and got an artificial joint in my right knee. I had to walk with a cane, slowly, I thought that life was no longer interesting, not until one of my old classmates introduced me to Teviron products. I rejected it because I wasn’t interested in direct sales, but my sons and daughters who are doctors were really against it also. They thought if you are sick you should go to doctors, there is no possibility that clothes can cure a disease.

Fortunately I met AGM Lin Yu Xiang during a reunion last year she said Teviron products cured her asthma, she suggested I give it a try. A month after I started using a full set of Teviron products my body no longer felt stiff and heavy. The procedure of healing was unconscious; I did not even notice that I could run again. My eldest son who graduated from Taiwan University was amazed and other people I know were amazed too. They said I looked fantastic 20 years younger and more beautiful.

I found out that my eyes produces tears again which hadn’t happened for years. I no longer had to use eye drops every day I don’t suffer from constipation anymore also I cut down the amount of medicine for my rheumatoid arthritis.

I went to New Zealand with my husband before Chinese New Year; I didn’t expect that I could have such a wonderful life. My life is now colorful and it couldn’t be better. I would like to share my experience with all everyone, and I wish that everyone can live happy and healthily.

Symptoms: Rheumatoid arthritis, xerophthalmia, constipation



Symptoms: Erythematosus, Rheumatoid arthritis, osteomyelitis
Liu Xian Fen

If you don’t experience it yourself it is hard to believe the magical effects of negative ions.

When I was 9 I felt exhausted going to school. I would get a fever once I got home. My feet hurt and I couldn’t even walk. After the doctor did a check up on me he found that I had acute osteomyelitis. My life was saved during an emergency surgical procedure. After two years of care, I found out that an amputation that was scheduled was no longer necessary.
Although the nightmare returned in July 2000, my condition returned and to sprinkle salt on wounds I also got a stroke. After the following check up the doctor found that I had lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. I thought that this was the end of my life.

Fortunately the benefactor of my life showed up in December 2002, my cousin MinYi and AGM Fang Quan Jing recommended I use the full set of negative ion products. Along with a hat which they had made from a blanket. After two months I started to feel uncomfortable from taking medicine and but the pain was less immediate. I stopped taking medicine secretly when I got back to the hospital the doctor told me that my condition had improved. In the end of February the doctor told me that I could cut down my does to one fourth.

In the end of March I was told that I could stop taking my medicine, except for those which keep my blood from clotting and the steroids. By that time I confessed to my daughter that I had not been taking any medicine since last
November, and I gave our DM to the doctor.

During the checkup in the end of April the doctor ensured me that I could stop taking medicine all together. He even encouraged me to continue wearing the negative ion clothing.


Symptoms: Atrophic arthritis, heart condition, atrophy of the kidneys, dropsy, hypertension, slight diabetes, and insomnia
Hui Fang Zhang

I will continue to pass on this Gospel to those in need

A year ago, I suffered from atrophic arthritis, and had to go to NTU Hospital to get medication every month. I have two artificial knees, a semi-artificial hip, I couldn’t bend down, I can’t bend my legs, my wrists and fingers are deformed, and my hands are too weak to hold anything.  I am in pain whether it’s windy, raining, cold, or hot!

I was on steroids for 18 years. As I grow older, I started to have heart condition, atrophy of the kidneys, dropsy, hypertension, slight diabetes, and insomnia. I felt like I was an old machine that all parts are expired!

Before the Chinese New Year, my son, Shen Jian, the area manager, insisted me to try the products, so I started using the waist supporter, knee bands, and ankle and hand bands. Less than a week, I started to have itches and measles. After Shiu Ching Wu (senior area manager) and Yue Jun Jan (Area manager) explained to me the products in detail, I bought the complete series including the Eskimode Warm Wear series.

When I first put on the quilt, I slept for a long while, which was something that I haven’t experienced for so long! Within one to two months, my symptoms got better! I thank Yue Jun who introduced Nefful to us, and I thank Shin Wei, the area general manager, and Shiu Chin, the senior area manager for visiting friends with me and spread this gospel so other people can get healthy. I will continue to spread this gospel to those who are in need.


Symptoms: Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rui Ying Rong

Amazing Teviron Improved My Rheumatoid Arthritis

Working in a hospital for 10 years didn’t cure my RA. When it first began to hurt, our great doctor trained in Western medicine administered a great shot in the sutura of my knee, and the pain was gone instantly. The pain would return once a year, so I went and got the shot for a total of three times. I later found out it was “great” steroid. Our family all has got mediocre liver capability, so I was afraid to receive the shots again. I then went for acupuncture. I would do it every time it started to hurt. Each needle insertion would cost $100 NT, and each session would require 4 to 5 times of acupuncture before there was any effect. But in order to completely cure the problem, I would need to do this for many, many years. I don’t how much time and money we would need to spend on this.

This changed when I started using the amazing knee band. My knee was in so much pain for two days that I almost vomited. But Shiao Feng, the area general manager told me to keep at it and use the blanket. Gosh! What does knee pain have to do with blanket? But she kept telling me to use the blanket, and it was kind of hypnotizing. So I brought home the blanket. I need to tell you that it’s truly amazing! The pain was gone two days later. It’s now half a year later, and it has never returned. Now, everyone in our family uses the complete Teviron series.

How fortunate I am to use such amazing, high-tech Teviron products, and how lucky I am to join Nefful’s Chen Shan Mei system! To me, Teviron products are the same as the Chen Shan Mei system. What an amazing transition it has been for me, from neglecting health to valuing my body, from hating network marketing to being surprised by its charisma and fast income.

This is all quite unbelievable for someone who used to manage a traditional store. What makes me happier is that I used to hate studying, but now I am in love with the curriculum designed by Chen Shan Mei. I can only tell you that keeping speculating is only a waste of life and time. It’s simple really. All you need to do is ask yourself if you will do this or not, and you will have the answer right in front of you.

I thank Huo Chuan and Shiao Feng, the Area General Managers, for their constant teaching and the support. I can’t thank Long Han, Jia Ching, Yao Ming, and Yu Hua, the magnificent leaders, for their devoted contribution. I wish all of you to be forever healthy under the care of Teviron, your savings to keep growing in the Nefful business, and your wisdom to keep renewing in Chen Shan Mei’s courses.