Lin Sue Huey, Taiwan
Products Use: Whole set
When I was little I had polio. This caused my left side to atrophy. As a result it has been uneasy and inconvenient for me to walk. I married a man who also had polio. We repaired and sold clocks as a business. After we married we had two children. Since my pelvis was undeveloped and I had scoliosis of my spine the births of our children were through c-section. This experience caused me to have severe back pain.

At end of 2002 my friend suggested that my husband use the Negative ion waist band because his atrophy caused him a lot of pain and problems. Soon after he started using the waist band he started felling warmness on his back. Then he felt it all the way to the top of his head.

He felt like his whole body was relaxed and he felt good. I knew the products would help my health condition too. On Feb 2003 my husband was diagnosed with a kidney problem. My friend suggested that he wear the whole set of negative ion clothes but we were reluctant to make the investment. In May my husband started dialysis. At that time the SARS epidemic was in full swing. My husband had a high fever and he was in critical care. We remembered about the negative ion clothes so I called my friend and I bought my husband the whole set. Three to 4 hours after dialysis my husband usually produced only a couple of drops of urine. After using the negative ion clothes for one month his fever went away and he urinated more that 100 cc.

During the summer it was terribly hot in Taiwan. Our shop was busy and we were so busy with our 2 children and the house work that my husband did not wear the negative ion clothes. I did not remind him to use his Nefful clothes. In November 2003 my husband died because of kidney failure. I felt hopeless and tired, disappointed and frustrated thinking about my 2 children who were counting on me to care and provide for them. I had to be able to stand up and take care of my children. My friend encouraged me to be strong and take care of myself. In December I started wearing the product that I had gotten for my husband.

In June 2004 I saw a friend who had not seen me for several years. When he saw me he told me that my color looked good. He was surprised that I looked healthy. He noticed and said you are standing straight up. Why does your color look so good? He asked me: what is your secret remedy? He could not believe that I was so improved. What kind of miracle products are you using? I finally realized that my scoliosis had improved. In November I noticed that I can stand straight up and now my heels can touch the ground. From when I was little and for 40 years I never had the expectation that this would happen to me. I feel so good. I thank The Nefful Company for having such amazing negative ion clothes. Now I have hope and I have confidence to face my life.