Teviron did strengthen my resistance.

Symptoms: pneumonia,cold, allergic rhinitis

Zheng Mei Zhu

I’ve been working in China for a long time. In the beginning my condition was fine, but my resistance weakened after a couple of years. If I wasn’t careful enough, it is very easy for me to get a cold. Every time I got a cold I would have serious stuffy nose and coughing. Especially when I lay in bed, I would never stop coughing. I couldn’t sleep well; taking medicine did not work for me either.

I can’t remember since when I started to sneeze a lot in the morning. Having stuffy nose for a long time made me rely on my mouth for breathing, which was very suffering! I went for a checkup in Nan Fang hospital, which is the biggest hospital in Guang Zhou, and it was proved that I had allergic rhinitis. I followed the doctor’s prescription to take the medicine in time and drink a bowl of mushroom pork soup a day.

Disappointedly, thing didn’t seem to turn better. I once fainted because of pneumonia in 2001, and had to stay in Nan Fang hospital for half a month. I was so lonely and desperate during that time.

My sister invited me to an OPP on Jian Kang Road when I come home for Chinese New Year in January 2001. All the testimonies made the products sound so effective. Even I didn’t really believe in it, I still spent a couple of thousand on the products. After using Teviron for a while, I unconsciously stopped sneezing in the morning, and I can breathe smoothly again.

I have been wearing Teviron products for two years now. It is proven that Teviron did strengthen my resistance since I haven’t got any colds in the past two years. My life had changed from black and white into colorful; this is such an incredible feeling. I feel very lucky, and I’m eager to share my health to everyone.

Thank Mei Yu, Shu Ling, Bao Ling and AGM Yu Jen, for their caring. Most of all, I would like to thank the company to produce such a high-tech product, letting more people to embrace a healthy and happy life just by using it!