Parkinson Disease recovery using negative ion clothing.  

Gui Ying Xie – Taiwan (Female)

Symptoms:   Parkinson’s diseases

In the early 2000, I went to see a neurosurgeon because there was something wrong with my wrist.  I had various checkups but the doctor found nothing wrong.  Then the doctor suggested me to see a neurologist and I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, though I was despair.

I went to see a doctor of Chinese medicine, but I got the same result, I had nephropathy treatment but it took little effect.  My hand still trembled and I couldn’t keep balance when I walk.  It was a miracle that I met Yin Mei.  Through her, I learned about the Teviron health products.  I tried some products first.

A few days later, my hands felt sore and they hurt.  I knew signs of recovery appeared as Yin Mei had told me.   So I decided to use the whole set.  It has been only six months. I can do all those things I couldn’t do over the past five years.  I am able to raise my hand, keep my balance when I walk. I can stride, lift my feet and even trot.  What’s more, I can ride a motorcycle.  What a relief.  How lucky I am. I wanted to Thank Teviron Products.