Chai Quai Ien, Taiwan
Products used: Whole set
In the beginning of 2000 I had a problem with my wrist so I went to see a neuro surgeon who gave me all kinds of tests. The doctor said I needed to go see the neurologist. It was confirmed that I had Parkinsons disease. I kept searching eastern medicine to find a doctor who would tell me I do not have Parkinson. The eastern doctor who specialized in Neurology confirmed I had Parkinson’s.

I went to acupuncture and massage and physical therapy. This only helped my muscles stiffness but my hands were still shaking. I still did not have balance when I walked. I was thinking this is a death sentence and I am going to be doomed with this hopeless illness for the rest of my life. I did not know if this is my luck or what. I met my life saver Emay. She introduced me to Teviron products. I got all the supporters.

After several days my hand was aching. I thought Oh this is before it gets better it gets worse. I increased the products to the whole set. Now after 6 months I can raise my hand high. I can walk a steady gait. I can walk a big step. I can raise my leg high. I can run and jog. I can even ride my motorcycle. In 5 years I have never be able to do this. But now I can do it. I am so happy and so thankful.

My mother had asthma and high blood pressure all has improved. My brother had sinus and Spondylitis. Before he needed to go to acupuncture and massage 2 or 3 times a week. Now he does not needed to go anymore.

I am so thankful that Nefful has such amazing product. I call Emay my aunt now. I am very thankful for my mom support and encouragement.