There is no better investment for any community than the nurturing of healthy babies. These little troubles are bundles of joy, Almighty’s tiny little angels, gifts of love, complete souls, Blessings sent from Above. They are as bright and as fragrant as flowers, bundles of joy, to be handled with utmost care. These little miracles fill our lives with sunshine and are born in the form of a sensible and the most beautiful result of the love and commitment of two people. In the form of them, a star is born in our homes.

A child's early years – from before birth to age six – are very important. Healthy babies are more likely to develop into healthy children, who are more likely to grow up to be healthy adults. Therefore, soon as a child is born, it is of utmost importance to carry out the appropriate screening and assessment to see if there are any risks that could affect a child's healthy development. Moreover any mother could easily find help in the form of community programs and resources on:
– Breast feeding
– Nutrition
– Health services for the baby and mother
– Parenting programs

In principle, every mother grows with her baby, so the mother needs to develop a habit of taking some healthy precautions, and following some golden rules and regulations, which would go a long way to help her baby

Golden rule no.1:
Since breast milk is the best source of nourishment for your baby, because it is not only easy to digest but also provides safe-guard against food allergies. Moreover it is also a source of antibodies that protect the baby against ailments.

Golden rule no.2:
The immunization of your baby is of great significance in the times to come, so make sure to take your baby for regular health check-ups and keep her or his immunization scheme up to date.

Golden rule no.3:
Never touch your baby with dirty hands and do not allow others to do so for the reason that, your little bundle of joy is a fragile being and is liable to get infected. Always wash your hands with baby soap, under running water for half a minute at least.

Golden rule no.4:
Do not allow a sick person to come near your baby or to touch your baby. Always keep the space around the baby, properly ventilated and less populous. Moreover keep your baby away from passive smoking.

Golden rule no.5:
In case, your baby’s toy or feeding bottle drops on the floor, use a disinfectant wipe, which is safe for your baby.

Golden rule no.6:
Refrain from your baby’s exposure to direct sunlight. Always dress your baby, according to the weather conditions. For eg, in hot weather, cover his or her head with a hat and ultraviolet protected sunglasses.

Golden rule no.7:
Babies need lots of sleep and also need short naps.

Golden rule no.8:
Always provide nutritious food to your baby

children-clothingsBabies are such marvelous beings that it is very difficult to envision a life without them. Their precious smile is really an asset for the parents, so take good care of these colorful butterflies!

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