In 1950, Dr. Haskell applied negative ions to patients of hypertension. Amazingly, negative ions were proven to have a significant effect in lowering one's blood pressure, while no beneficial effects were observed with positive ions. Negative Ion are also effective against influenza, asthma and especially bronchial diseases.

Another study done by the University of Frankfurt involved a "Cancer Team" led by Dr. Kusturica that further studied the physical effects of negative ions on cancer cells. Different types of cancer cells were transfused into the bodies of rats. In order to have a base of comparison, one groups of rats were put into a negative environment each day while the other group remained untouched.

As a result, the rats in the negative ion environment lived, on average for 59 days, while the rats that were untouched lived no longer than 34 days.The rats from the experimental team live 25 days longer; some even lived as long as 80 days! The experiment's results confirm the effectiveness of negative ions in treating cancer.

Another research team conduct a similar experiment. Cancer cells were transfused into small mice. The research team then compared the mice in a negative ion environment to ones the did not have negatives ions in order to examine the proliferation of the cancer cells.

Consequently, the cancer cells  inside the bodies of those mice that were not in a negative ion environment increased 58 mg per day, while the cancer cells inside the bodies of those with negative ions increased less than 27 mg. It was even more amazing to find out that in about 1 third of these rats, the cancer cells decreased significantly and eventually disappeared completely!

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