Last month in November 2013 I attended Dr Noboru Horiguchi seminar in Singapore and he introduced and taught about electron-reducing treatment that can help build a healthier body.

He is the founder and inventor of reduction-ion-converter, Reltec – Click here to read more.

I bought his book and I am very glad that I learned so much from his teaching and works. Dr N Horiguchi spent his whole life researching on reducing ion since more than 50years ago. I bought his first generation Serumi air clean and found it so precious. His machine is able to create reducing ion clusters similar to those found in the nature. There are many ionizer products on the market that claim their benefits but I recommend you get the ion converter invented by Dr Noboru Horiguchi.

Negative Ion TechnologyThe reducing electrons that generates from the ion converter does have curative effects that is similar to those that negative ions have. These are essential for the improvement for our health and also diseases.  
I like to share his simple 6 rules for Health (extract from his book- Fundamentals & Effects of Reducing Electrons):

Rule 1:
Reducing electrons. In modern society where the natural environment has been destroyed, the environment inside our body is also distrurbed. Nothing can improve the sick body if the environment, both inside and outsdie, remains harmed. Reducing electrons can establish an ideal environemnt by eliminating harmful factors such as acidification, oxidization, active oxygen, and lactic acid. Reducing electrons are essential to counteract such an adverse environment.

Rule 2:
The balance of nutrients. Eat a lot of vegetables including root vegetables. Salt is necessary, but be sure not to take too much. You need not quit drinking completely if abstention from drinking stresses you. Just try to reduce the amount. The stress has worse influence on our body than drinking alcohol, but be sure not to drink too much.

Rule 3:
Moderate exercise. Take a walk for about 30 minutes everyday.

Rule 4:
Sound sleep for at least for 7 hours. People with less sleeping time tend to have dementia.

Rule 5:
Medicine. Medicine is absolutely necessary for curing diseases. Please do not stop taking the drugs prescribed by your doctor. It would not be beneficial if you ceased taking medicine because you started electron-reducing treatment. When you become healthy and your disease deteriorate, the doctor will propose reducing the doeses or stopping your intake of medicine. Please keep taking medicine till you are allowed to stop.

Rule 6:
Positive mentality. If any one of these 6 rules for health are lacking, it is difficult for you to build a healthy body or cure disease. Follow these six rules for health, and we can live healthy.

 negative ion for health