Negative Ion Mouth Mask

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More Than Just Wearing The Right Mask

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Give Yourself and Your Loved Ones a Chance to Experience The Amazing Benefits of Negative Ion Mouth Masks – Not Just As A Protective Mask, It Enhances Your Body Immunity

Why Negative Ion Mouth Mask?

What Are Negative Ions

An Ion is an electrically charged atom. A negative ion is a negatively charged atom. An atom with a positive electrical charge is a positive ion.

How Negative Ions Benefit Us

Negative ions benefit us (our health) in many ways. Details here.

No Mouth Mask Can Totally Keep You Safe

Even the frontline healthcare workers need to wear full protected suit. A Negative Ion mouth mask reduces the absorption of the virus and bacteria.

Immune System Is (Almost) Everything

We are healthy because of our immune system. A person with a high immunity does not get sick easily. Even if he is sick, he usually gets well rather quickly.

Negative Ions Mouth Mask

Negative Ions can enhance our immunity. A Negative Ion mouth mask is made of Negative Ion fibre.

  • It has high density of negative ions and negative statics.
  • It also acts as a shield to block and reject those fine particles.
  • It can neutralise virus and bacteria with its negative statics.
  • It reduces the absorption of the virus and bacteria.

All virus, bacteria, dusts, smoke even dust mites are ‘positively charged’. Our negative ion mask is full of negative ions and negative statics. So when virus, bacteria or particles bump onto the negative ion mask the particles will be neutralized.

How To Maintain A Negative Ion Mouth Mask

You don’t have to throw away your mask each time after use. Just a simple wash – with the detergent for the Negative Ion Fibre products – the mask is clean and can regenerate anion (Negative Ions) again.

It is washable and reusable. Don’t you agree it’s also environmental friendly?

Life Goes On. And You Get Healthier Each Time You Are Wearing The Mask