Darkness normally helps to induce sleep which helps you to sleep soundly. Unfortunately, there are situations when you might be unable to get the total darkness that you desire in order to fall asleep without waking up. If you are in college and you share rooms with a fellow student that studies till late at night, or perhaps you work on a night shift and have to sleep during day time, then you probably are aware how light can interfere with sleep.

However, a negative ion sleep mask is probably the easiest, convenient and cost effective way to keep out light when you are trying to get a good dose of sleep.

What Exactly is a Negative Ion Sleeping Eye Mask?

The best eye mask is an aid that you can use to cover your eyes during sleep, which is worn over the eyes and fasted with an elastic band around the head. The materials covering the eyes are designed to block out 100% of light in order to create a dark environment. Although designs differ, most sleep masks are made with an adjustable band so that it can fit snuggly. Models range from those that have soft fabric to those that avoid any contact with the eye balls.

Merits of using a sleep mask

Quite a number of people don’t get the darkness they need to fall fast asleep. Whether you are working on a night shift or someone keeps the light on when you are trying to get some rest at night, it is important to ensure that you are getting adequate sleep as this has a direct impact on your health. The biggest benefit that you get out of using an eye mask is better sleep. This is due to the fact that sleep masks provide an easy way block unwanted light from reaching your eyes. You can carry them easily and this comes quite in handy when you are traveling.

As opposed to having translucent windows fixed for your bedroom, an eye mask can be a much cheaper way to create a dark environment for sleeping.

Tips for buying the best negative ion eye mask

Before you go out to buy a eye mask make sure that you know some of the features that make up for the best quality products. Keep in mind that fancy designs and cheap prices don’t always make up for the best sleep masks.

Choose those that have soft fabric if it is the first time you are trying an eye sleep mask. This will help you to avoid discomfort. Those that have extra padding can help to reduce pressure on the eyes, or better yet go for those that make no contact with the eye balls such as an Anion Eyemask.



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