Negative Ion Eye Mask / Eye Pad

Negative Ion EyeMaskAdults need between seven and nine hours of sleep but not many people can achieve that today, especially when the environment does not permit having a good night sleep, such as a noisy environment or a poorly lighted or bright sleeping area. However, this may be solved if you wear negative ion eye mask that is worn by people who want to experience a calm and quiet feeling free from distractions at night before sleeping.

Reasons to Get Good Night of Sleep
1. Maintain good shape by putting on a protective and supportive eyemask allowing you to sleep better and stay fit.
2. Better concentration can be achieved if you would wear this mask created with the finest quality of Nefful blanket material that helps increase your blood circulation to give you a good night of sleep.
3. Positive mood can also be a remarkable benefit of wearing negative ions eye mask. People say that they can feel an elevated mood throughout the day due to putting on this mask at night for a sound sleep.
4. Making better decisions can be achieved through an increased focus and concentration you got from sufficient sleep the night before. If you want to make a good leader or team player yourself, you might want to start putting on an eye mask to achieve that.

There you have the great benefits of wearing Nefful clothing or protection for your eyes at night. If you want to experience these rewards of putting it on, start looking for the right eyemask with the following features:

Eye Mask Health Benefits
• Shows good results for people that suffer from eye strain, tired eyes and dark circles
• Can be worn even for afternoon naps, especially during trying times when you need a little break for your eyes even when you are in the office
• Relieves migraine and headaches due to eye straining and fatigue
• Promotes better sleep
• Aids in faster sleeping
• Cost effective as compared to taking pain relievers and prescription drugs against headaches and migraines
• Reduces the swelling, inflammation and puffiness around the eyes
• Promotes proper blood circulation; thus, people wearing it can prevent themselves from experiencing eye fatigue and straining as well as headaches
• Can be fitted to all face sizes and shapes
• Decreases dark circles around the eyes even if you work overtime in the office or at home
• Non addictive

Negative Ion Eye Mask Benefits

Negative Ion Eye Mask, Sleep MaskEyemask that generates negative ions, a special fabric made from Teviron fibers. Great invention originate in Japan, surrounds you with negative ions while you rest your eyes.
The eyemask offer these functions: comfort, warmth and health. The product generates negative ions that help regulate concentration of calcium ion’s in our body.

Amazing results with people suffering from tired eyes, eye strain, lines to dark circles.
For people with sleep problem, our negative ion eyemask will help you sleep better and wake up refreshed and energized.

You can use it while taking nap on the plane while travelling, short afternoon nap, and for a good nite sleep. Very soft and comfortable as it has an elastic strips allowing for an adjustable fit.

Material: 100% Negative Ion Teviron
Great Benefits:
– Eases tired eyes
– Help reduces puffiness and swelling
– Reduces dark circles in eyes
– Aids sleep problem & insomnia
– Reduces headache pain & migraine
– No more prescription or pain relief for eyes
– Promote good circulation
– Improve eye vision

Treat Common Eye Problems:
– Glaucoma
– Headaches
– Eye Puffiness
– Dark circles
– Tired Eyes
– Poor vision
– Eye floaters
– Short or long-sightedness
– Watery or dry eyes
– Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
– Glaucoma

Negative Ion eye mask is suitable for:
– Travelers – while on the plane
– Ladies – reduce fine lines & dark circles & beauty eyes
– Students – eye strains from using electronics & study
– Seniors – prevent old age deterioration of the eyes

There you have the plentiful of benefits wearing Teviron eye mask. If you want to start experiencing all of these and more, do not think twice of getting one today!

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Life Goes On. And You Get Healthier Each Time You Are Wearing The Mask