The energy of the human body is nowadays affected by everything around us from the TV set to the mobile phones that are used daily. Negative ion clothing steps up to counter all the bad effects that such elements have on our health and aid us to feel better.

Just take a look at all the health problems that can be resolved. It is impossible not to consider buying negative ion clothes when you do this.

Some people will not even consider this option because of a belief that every item is expensive. We understand why you might think this since any treatment that is so effective should cost money.

However, the great thing about negative ion technology is that it is not that expensive depending on how you look at it. It has been around for a long time in first in Japan and has many offices all over the world. It is available through direct selling and many people have yet to come to know about this anion clothing product.


Teviron Dual Purpose Blanket (HS44W) 12

Should you consider buying for health sake?

Technology keeps advancing and diseases that were not even understood in the past are nowadays easier to treat. It can be said that the same thing happens when referring to negative ion clothing.

We are in front of technology that has been available for around more than 40 years but it only now has the necessary popularity to be considered by most people and manufacturers from around the world.

Nefful Singapore negative ion clothing offers us many different health advantages.

Our recommendation is to take a close look at all the symptoms that it can help you treat, ranging from sleep apnea disorders to joint pains.

See if you suffer from something that can be treated and then just buy some clothes that include negative ions. They are not at all expensive and you can see that the health benefits mentioned are actually true.

Thousands of people already understood this and you can be one of them too.


To try out our product simply call distributor, Jenny Lim h/p: (+65) 8182 3325 to purchase the starter kit where you will get the two(2) pieces of 12"x12" teviron blanket and sheet at S$70/- test it out and you'll be amazed!