Lin Huimei
Usage: Complete Set of Teviron Clothing
Before using the negative ion clothing products, I have been afflicted with migraine headaches for five or six years. I was too ill to do homework, and needed pain medication. My medicine dose and frequency increased, then I wore the clothing for three days and my pain was relieved. When I had to decide whether to take off the negative ion clothing or take the medicine continually, I chose to keep wearing the clothing. From that day up to now, I have not had a headache or any medicine.

If I had not personally experienced Teviron for myself, I would not have believed its great effect! I highly recommended the products to my family to improve my husband’s lower body tinea, and backache; the athlete’s feet and dermatosis of my elder son; and the sensitive dermatitis of my younger son. Then I shared my mysterious witness of negative ions with relatives and friends. Xiushan’s eldest daughter, Tingting, was two years old and could not walk because Tingting’s lumbar vertebrae was injured during pregnancy.

Tingting’s diagnosis was physical ability retardation, which meant that she needed convalescent care. After Tingting used the products for one day and night, she had a surprisingly good reaction. So amazing was the effect, I would not believe it! We expect that Tingting will recover soon.