Methods of Usage (Nefful All Natural Detergent)

Nefful Natural Detergent

1. This highly concentrate detergent gets clothes clean with just a very small amount.

2. Powerful proteinic enzymes leave cloth fresh and clean.

3. Breaks down dirt and grime, leaving your clothes spotless and free from any chemical residue. Environmentally friendly.

4. No nitrogen and fluorescent material. Do not harm to the ecosystem of lakes.


Washing Instruction:

(1) Do not use warm water above 60 degree celsius to wash.

(2) Do not use dryer and keep away from heat source.

(3) Do not wash with other clothes. Teviron cloth easily absorb dirt from other clothes.

(4) Do not brush with palm brush.

(5) Avoid using static electricity cleanse appliances, softener and bleaching agents.

(6) Use NEFFUL detergent for washing purposes.


Ingredients: Polyoxyethylen alkylether, Potassium soap, Exleyme

Nature: Wealk alkaline

Use: Washing clothes (cotton, linen, rayon (man-made silk), synthetic material, etc)


Storage/keep under a cool area away from direct sunlight

Expiration date: 3 years

Date of manufacture:indicated on bottle


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