Symptoms: Maladjusted immune system, weak knees gastritis, weak bladder and kidney astrophy
Chin Chia Chang

My mother tells me I am the luckiest child

I just turned 13, and my mother tells me I am the luckiest child because I have been using negative ions products for 11 years already. When I was a baby, I had maladjusted immune system. (Mom said I had too much leucocyte when I was born, which affected my immune system.  And that was why I had problems with my skin, intestines, stomach and thermoregulatory centre.

When I was only 4 months old, I went to the hospital frequently because of my hemorrhage of intestines’ mucosa. Just a little common cold could cause a serious fever up to 40’C.

I was in poor health and my grandmother took care of me in the past. My grandmother, who lives in Tainan, used to be in poor health as well, but her weak knees, gastritis, weak bladder and kidney atrophy have been improved because of minus ion products!

Now I have great vigor and I always get good grades when I take many math competitions. I came first in National Math Competition last year and my teacher rewarded me with a mountain bicycle!

I also won a prize at the website exhibition when I was in the fifth grade, and I was even summoned by President. Mom says I need to have gratitude to many good people and teachers surrounding me because they have helped me so much!