Macular Degeneration for about 4 years

I have had macular degeneration for about 4 years. In my right eye I have dry macular degeneration and a small cataract. In my left eye I have wet or leaky macular degeneration and a humungous cataract. Two years ago when my husband developed heart disease was when my left eye took a turn for the worse and became leaky.nefful users testimonials

I have had two kinds of shots in my eyes, 7 shots all together. First my doctor injected Macugen with little or no success. When Avastin came out as a treatment for colon cancer, a side benefit was that it helped dry up leaky macular degeneration. I had some injections of this drug with better success but it helped only up to a certain point. Then it stopped helping. My last injection was in May 2006. A new drug came out and my doctor said to wait till the insurance would pay for it. He didn't want to give me more shots at that time because of the scarring caused by the injection. The insurance companies refused to pay for the Lucentis injections which cost $2000.

Also my doctor wouldn't operate on my cataracts because of my leaky macular degeneration.

In the mean time my friend Dottie introduced me to Nancy Jang who explained that negative ion clothes would help with my Macular Degeneration. I decided to get a blanket and sleep hat and eye mask. That was in October. In the beginning of December I went to my doctor and he said that my eyes were dried up. He told me to do whatever I was doing to help myself because it was working remarkably. He was so impressed by the change that he offered to do the cataract operation.Teviron Garments

I ordered more -ion clothes because Nancy said that wearing a lot of the clothes would cause the cataracts to dissolve.

I have also noticed that my near sightedness is not as bad. I went to the theatre last week and I could see the stage better without my glasses. My psoriasis is going away too. I am so happy and grateful.