Product Use: Whole Set
Gwen Spires, Fullerton, CA
My name is Gwen Spires. I am 70 years old. In June of 2005 my vision became blurred. The ophthalmologist diagnosed me with macular degeneration. I was told there was nothing that would help except to take vitamins to slow down the progression of this degenerating eye disease which eventually would cause me to go blind. I was very depressed thinking of all the things that would happen when my eyesight left.

About 4 weeks later I was introduced to an amazing product called Teviron imported from Japan by my friend named Nancy. At first I thought this was some kind of scam; but, thinking that I would go blind eventually, I gave myself a chance. I started using these products of clothing and bedding including an eye patch and a hat made of Teviron fiber.

Three weeks later the blurred vision had improved and I was very inspired by the results. I am inspired by other amazing results also. Some of the pain in my joints and my hemorrhoids has also gone away. The sun damage, aging spots and wrinkles on my skin has greatly improved.

I am now feeling and looking younger. I can see a remarkable improvement after three months of using Teviron products. I can imagine that if I continue using this product it will continue to have a remarkable improvement of my health and quality of life. I feel like I am in a cocoon of energetic happiness. Gwen