Symptoms: Disorder in liver function, a high level of uric acid, insomnia

Chin Tsai Liou

I had been suffering from disorder liver function and a high level of uric acid because of my work with gasoline for about thirty years. One day AGM (Area General Manager) Li, MEI-HUA advised me to try minus ion garments and I accepted. But two weeks after I started using them, I got red spots all over my body which were itchy and hot.

Then I stopped for two days. My red spots disappeared gradually and my skin shedded. This situation happened three times with the red spots decreasing little by little. Now I don’t have to go to the chiropractor that I used to go to. It’s really amazing.

I have a cute, smart cat. It is good at catching mice, cockroaches and files. One day it fell from the third floor to the second floor. It broke its leg and got bruises all over its belly. I took it to the vet at once, who said the cat needed further checkup at a big hospital the next day.

That night I took it home. My wife and I wrapped it up with a Teviron blanket and put it to sleep. For two days the cat rested and drank a lot of water. On the third day, the cat woke up at the usual time. We were thrilled.

Thanks to the magic power of minus ion. My whole family is healthier than ever and we decided to share the magic fiber with as many people as possible.

This helped me find confidence and my goal in life which had been lost for so long