Bao Meidi (Dalas of USA)
Usage: Complete Set Usage
Left hand numbness and powerlessness have always cursed me. One morning I woke up and found that there was a tendon spur in my left wrist that was uncomfortable to the touch. My doctor told me to cut back on my housework and that there was no good method of treatment.

After using a Teviron glove, my tendon spurs disappeared and my hand numbness went away. Some months later, my hand eczema disappeared. I had been a teacher for a long time and my throat became hoarse and inflamed but those symptoms have also disappeared. I have a friend who takes sleeping pills at night. I told him to use the Teviron blanket, and he slept well for the whole night and did not use any sleeping pills. He now uses the Teviron clothing, and his insomnia has disappeared.