Symptoms: Knee pain, arthrolithiasis, feet pain, headaches ( used complete series)
Mao Xin

A Globetrotters story

I have been traveling between the U.S Taiwan and China a lot. The injury I sustained on my knee hurts so much that I was unable to carry my own luggage during my travels. My friend Huang Xi Zhu introduced AGM Zheng Yang and his wife to me in the middle of August.

They told me about the magic of Teviron, I bought a full set of products right away. After having used it for ten days I traveled to Japan I was now able to carry my luggage myself. My sister who lives in Los Angeles had problems walking because of her gout so I decided to give her a pair of stockings. She called me a couple of days later to let me know that she could walk normally again without any knee pain.

Stephen Guo was a friend of mine who lives in Minnesota. When I hurt myself he was with me. He was amazed by how well I had recovered by wearing negative ion clothing so he decided to by a full set for his mother who suffered from headaches. I’m so grateful to the company for creating such a high-tech product.

It is convenient that we can be healthy just from wearing clothes. I hope that all of you can embrace a happy and healthy life!

Symptoms: Knee pain, arthrolithiasis, feet pain, headaches