Product Use: Whole Set
Kathleen Israel, San Diego, CA
Did you ever hear of NEFFUL’s Teviron, the amazing fiber imported from Japan has unique capacity of always gaining electrons and thus negatively charged which is beneficial to our health? I am so glad I was introduced to this product and give myself a chance to accept it. I had arthritis in my knees. When I used to go to church I couldn’t kneel properly and it hurt. Now I can kneel easily with no pain. It is so cool!

I bought underwear and joint supports and bedding. I love to sleep in my Teviron blankets. It is like sleeping in negative ions spa so restful and I don’t snore any more! When I get up in the morning I put on my under garments and supports on my ankles, knees, elbows and wrists.

During the day the negative ion cloth acts like a sponge soaking up my positively charged toxins. I wash the clothing before I go to bed to clean the positive ion gunk off of the negative ion fibers and I hang it up to dry.

I didn’t even realize my ankles were uncomfortable. When I put on the ankle supports it felt so good. The same thing happened when I put the hat on. I didn’t realize my ears were uncomfortable. The comfort I felt when my ears were in the hat was mellow and it made me smile.