All the hype in social media about negative ions surely makes one curious. Products such as Nefful Teviron have spread all around the Internet like a plague, with half of the web claiming it as pseudoscience and the other half praising the wonders it has done to their lives.

The Science behind Negative Ions

So what is the hype all about on negative ions? Its supporters claim that being around more negative ions than positive ions produces positive health benefits in the end. Its retractors believe its health benefits are nonexistent. First, however, it is essential to learn the dynamics behind negative ions and ways such can be produced by clothing.

Ions are present all around you – some are positively charged and the others are negatively charged. There are more positive ions than negative ions, the ratio being twelve to one. An abundance of positive ions are said to produce negative effects on the body, while an abundance of negative ions produce the opposite.

BI030 teviron blanketRemember the time during your grade-school years, when you used to rub ruler against your hair and it picks up small pieces of paper.  That is tribo-electricity and that is the science behind negative ion clothing. It may seem like a terrifying process but it is just static electricity produced by friction. When Chlorofibre rubs against skin, as it will inevitably and continually do when worn, it produces negative static electricity that, in turn, produces negative ions.

Benefits of Wearing Negative Ion Clothes

Although most sales talk about dubious products such as these can come across to us as a lot of coprolite, there are numerous studies supporting the health benefits of negative ions.

Below are some of the reasons:
1.  It reduces acidity in blood. It regulates your pH level leaning toward alkalinity, which is an indicator of good health.
2.  It regulates serotonin. Serotonin is involved in a lot of processes in the body and an increase of its production can lead to increased vulnerability to allergies as well as depression. Negative ions counter the production of serotonin.
3.  It increases oxygenation of lungs. It negates the accumulative negative effects of positive ions.
4.  It increases cephalic activity. Studies indicate an increase in brain amplitude, which results to mental stimulation and an increase in mental activity.
5.  It improves metabolism. Vitamins are better absorbed and dealt with by the body.

Risks of Negative Ion Clothing

Apparently, there are no harmful effects of negative ion clothing. In fact the saying “Too much of a good thing is a bad thing” can’t be applied here – the more negative ions the better! This statement, although probably still inconclusive, is corroborated by many studies. The only risk of using negative ion clothing is perhaps the fact that it can burn a hole in your pocket – they are not cheap.

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The Verdict

While some may continue to cast doubts about negative ion clothing, there is no actual harm in using it. Aside from lacking financial resources, there seems to be no other gaping reason why you shouldn’t try negative ion clothing. As for the verdict, as long as you don’t douse it with chloroform or weave needles into it then negative ion clothing is as child-friendly and safe as any other clothing can be. Anyone at any age can use negative ion clothing.


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