Symptoms: Gout, Insomnia
Yuen Chu Chen

My whole family has become healthier through wearing them

Thanks to AGM Mei Chu and AM (Area Manager) Mei Yin. Because of them I came into contact with these magic health garments. My whole family has become healthier through wearing them.

One morning many years ago, I noticed that my jogging mates were sweating hard even though they were wearing very thin T-shirts. However, Mei Yin, who was wearing two shirts, looked just terrific. I asked her why. She said that she was wearing some magic fiber made of minus ion.

She said the fiber is breathable and can help ease some chronic pain. My son got gout after being discharged from the army. According to the doctor, all he could do was watch his diet, take medicine regularly and keep early hours. I was so disappointed that I had all my family member start wearing Teviron garments.

Now my son is off his usual medication and my husband no longer suffers from insomnia. Many of my relatives are satisfied with what these health garments can do.

Symptoms: Gout, Insomnia


Symptoms: Lupus erythematosus, Hyperthyroidism, Palpitation, Insomnia, Headache
He Li Min

Stay Healthy!

I was a really sick person I was ill all the time, headache, flu, lack of energy, fibroid, wherever I had menstruation it usually bled for 20 days, and the amount of blood the first couple of days was enormous. Because of the lack of iron and low blood pressure, I looked pale; also I had hyperthyroid, bad appetite, insomnia, and palpitation.

I gave up going to the doctors because none of them could ease my pain, not until I found out that I had lupus erythematosus, my eye collapsed, my face was infected, I got strange rashes which looked like beans. I also had arthritis, fever, and canker sore it stung everywhere on my body, I don’t think anyone can understand what I was going through, I blamed God for being so unfair to me.

I bought a negative ion hat because of a suggestion from one of my colleges the result was satisfying I no longer suffer from headaches. Then I bought a full set and used it a lot. Now I not only look healthier but also actually feel better.
I have to say that I am getting my health back and I wish that everyone can beware of your bodies, stay healthy!


Symptoms: Gout, Uremia, Nausea, Dizziness, Constipation, Insomnia, Backache, Leg Asthenia
Jing Xing Wu

Even the doctor was amazed at his speed of recovery

First, I would like to express my thanks to AM+ Xu, Shu-Yuan, who gave a pair of minus ion stocks to my husband in September, 2004. My husband got his first gout in 1999 and at an interval of 3 or 4 months he had a gout attack. When gout attacked him, he was not able to walk, let alone go to work. He tried alternative medicine, but it was not improved a bit. Things got worse during the 4 months between June and September in 2004 and our life was greatly affected.

My husband began to wear the minus ion stocks in October and they took effect. His joints did not hurt anymore. His feet no more swelled. So I began to take interest in the Teviron health products and I began to have confidence in them.
In 1998, my father-in-laws kidney, ureter, and nearly one-third of the bladder were removed due to the malignant tumors in his ureter.

In 2003, he began to have dialysis treatment 3 times a week after the coma caused by uremia. He suffered from nausea, dizziness, constipation, insomnia, backache, leg asthenia after every dialysis treatment.

Between the late 2004 and the early 2005, he fell many times due to his weak legs. His ill health worried me. So in March, 2005, I purchased a lot of minus ion products for him including underpants, blankets, etc.

On March 4, 2005, he began to use the products. A week later, March 12, his leg asthenia was greatly improved. After his dialysis treatment, he no more suffered from backache, nausea, or dizziness.

On March 15, he went to the hospital to take a HCT test. His blood became clarified. On March 26, he was able to walk with his back straight.

On April 5, the reading of HCT rose to 29.2(32 is considered a standant figure) On April 19, his constipation was improved. His faeces turned yellowish. Even the doctor was amazed at his speed of recovery.


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