Do you know someone who has trouble sleeping?

For over 10 years, I had  experience with insomnia problem.  Almost daily I have to drink DOM, alcoholic drink or hard liquor to help me sleep.  And I play spa music next to me whenever I sleep.   I also tried taking Melatonin without much success.nefful users testimonials


On top of that, I have to abstain from coffee and tea as the  caffeine will keep me awake at night.   Even drinking green tea, peach tea and coke has effects on me and I cannot sleep.

Whenever I drink coffee or tea, I lost focus and I cannot focus to do my work. Sometimes out of temptation, I will drink teh si or teh tarik, and that I will suffer – cannot work and cannot  sleep at night.

I have to say, mine is probably one of the extreme.

Recently I found solution to my sleep problem, and I am now sleeping better and well. And now I am drinking tea and coffee more regularly and still getting my sleep.

And it's so simple, I merely join the membership and get 2 free sample piece of their blanket and bed cover.  And I place one of the sample on top of my pillow when I sleep.  That's it, is just so simple. Thanks to negative ion clothing. I am glad I try it.

If you suffer from insomnia and cannot sleep well, Negative Ion Clothing definitely works for you! It has been proven.


Negative Ion Eye Mask for a Good Night Sleep Today!




Sleep Mask made from 100% Teviron fibre that generates negative ion so long you wear and wash it.

You need to wash it with our Nefful detergent which contain powerful proteinic enzymes for better results.

Sleep Mask Price: S$48.00

Detergent Price: S$8.00 (125ml) (small)

Add local postage: S$5.00 (limited to 1 sleep mask + detergent OR 1-2 sleep mask postage) 



Order Now While Stock Lasts!!

Contact Ms Jenny Lim h/p: (65+) 8182 3325 and we will send the items by local courier once funds are received.




Yoga For Insomnia: The 4-week Cure

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