Having insomnia problem? Difficulty in sleeping is a health issue that majority of people have to struggle with at one point in life. Being sleep deprived however interferes with your normal functioning by making you to be less productive since the body doesn’t get enough time to recharge for the next day.

Deep sleep also known as Rapid Eye Movement (or REM sleep) happens for a brief period of three to five minutes during a night of good rest. This phase of sleep is very important and offers plenty of health benefits. A nefful sleep mask can help to improve your deep sleep cycles since it helps to keep out light. Before we delve into the benefits of getting deep rest, let’s have a look at what makes an eye mask effective at improving sleep.

How eye masks function

It is important to understand that the sensation of wanting to sleep normally occurs when light receptors around the eyes are unable to detect light hence signaling the brain to release the sleep inducing hormone melatonin. Since eye masks and sleeping masks block out light, they effectively help you to doze off and stay asleep for longer. The production of melatonin not only causes you to sleep, but it also improves the body’s immune system so as to reduce chance of being infected with illness.

Benefits of deep sleep

Deep sleep offers a myriad of physical and cognition benefits. The mind is able to process emotions, stress and thoughts more easily after getting a good amount of rest. It has been observed that people who sleep soundly not only have an increased level of concentration, but the energy levels are significantly higher than those individuals who are sleep deprived. With the right amount of sleep, you can have more vigor during the day, have a young looking skin tone, enjoy improved memory and have better performance in cognition functions. The body also produces more white blood cells during REM sleep, thus improving your ability to fight off infection.

In addition, deep sleep alleviates symptoms for some serious health problems. For example, the intensity of anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorders can reduce significantly if an individual suffering from these conditions gets sufficient amounts of deep rest.

Significance of deep sleep

Other than the aforementioned benefits, deep rest is important for adults and children alike. The growth hormone is normally produced when the body is deep at rest. This is also when protein breakdown seizes and new tissues are generated thus allowing the body to repair itself.

Therefore, always keep in mind that the benefits of deep sleep as explained above can be best achieved with the help of a sleep mask.


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