Incontinence, Allergies, Hay fever & Pain Relieved

User's Testimonial – Bea’s Story

I went to China and when I came back my left foot hurt badly. I am a nurse. I went to my doctor and he said I had Neuroma. He gave me a shot of steroids to stop the pain but it didn’t help. I waited two weeks because I thought it might take time for the shot to work. My feet swelled up so bad I couldn’t put on my shoes.nefful users testimonials

When my friend Nancy found out about my pain she told me to try negative ion sock. I talked to another podiatrist and he said my arch was not right. So I got an orthotic. The pain did not go away.

I decided to try the negative ion sock and the pain stopped the next day. Since that time I have not had any pain. After my feet got better I bought the whole set. Now anything I wear close to my skin is Nefful.

I had a lesion on my left leg. It wouldn’t go away. I asked my doctor what it was and he said he didn’t know. After 3 months of wearing the Nefful sock, I tried to show my lesion to my doctor and it had gone away.

My allergies are better. I used to take 3 to 4 pills a day and it didn’t help. Now my hay-fever is gone.

I used to have a problem with incontinence when ever I sneezed or coughed. Now I don’t have this trouble. My dandruff is also gone.

I do ceramics. When I used to work on the wheel for hours I couldn’t get up and it was hard to straighten up. Now I have much greater joint flexibility even in my hip and back.