I used to be a chef and had a happy family. After the heart surgery in mid-September of 2006, I lost my job. Unfortunately, at the end of year 2007, the excessive blood sugar made me suddenly blind. According to the door, the retina was broken. I had to rely on walking stick when I went out. There were groups of black shadow in front of me all the time.

It was very inconvenient for not being able to see things clearly. One day, on the way back home after I finished the check-up from hospital, I almost fell. I was really blessed at the time, because May-Yue Tsai ran over to give me her hand. She asked me why I became blind in such a not-so-old age. After I told her my story, she then gave me an Teviron eyemask and told me it might be helpful and asked me to use it diligently.

I could not believe that such a small piece of cloth actually helped me to see again in a short period of one month. Today after three months of using the products, I can see everything clearly. Now as a member, not only my eye sight, but also my body become healthier.

At the Grand Opening of Nefful Singapore branch in December 1st, 2010, I brought many friends with me to join as members. I am going to share these wonderful products with all my friends so that they can remain healthy. Thank God, Nefful, and May-Yue AM+.

teviron eyemask

Product Code: AS015 Neoron EyeMask
Free Size (18.5×8.5cm)
Price: SGD55 (Member SGD44)
Colour: Gray
Price: SGD55 (Member SGD44)
Material: Outer Polyster 100%
Inner: Neoron 100%