Xu Guixiang
Usage: Complete Set of Teviron Clothing
I lived in Brazil for six years and had profuse uterine bleeding. I moved to St. Paul and my health worsened. I then took medication for half a year and my health still did not improve. When I was examined, the diagnosis was a uterine tumor. After an operation in Taiwan, my doctor said it was nervous system maladjustment. When I heard about Teviron products, I did not believe the claims but after wearing the clothing my health improved and the white hairs on my head gradually turned black. My husband got acupuncture, cupping, bathed in hot spring baths and cold spring baths to improve the pain in his knee, took calcium tablets and vitamins; but he did this to no avail. After using the knee pad for a week, he has not had any pain for the last three months. This has been unbelievable good luck for us. It also gave us a chance to be able to help other people who need to improve their health.