Mystery of Negative Ions
Liao Weizhi (Florida in the USA)
Usage: Complete Set
I emigrated from Taiwan to the U.S. twenty years ago. I started out with nothing but became very successful. I began to have some health problems after wearing down my body for fifty years. I learned that a small disease will become serious if not treated. One day I got wet in the rain, then I felt my throat aching and got a cold. I used the Teviron neck protection for treatment. Three days later, I got well. Six days later, I realized that a small scar that I had been about 0.5 cm long disappeared. I was very astonished. From that day on, I came to learn about the mystery of negative ions to the human body, and even found that the negative ion is the key factor that can improve people’s health in the future. This has been generally accepted by many research reports from famous medical colleges in the USA. Until now, products have not been available that contain negative ions. I have been using the Teviron products exclusively for five months, and I feel like I am ten years younger.