Zhong Jin Wei
Usage: Complete Use
My wife and I are hypersensitive and both of my daughters have a hypersensitive constitution. My younger daughter’s situation was the worse; she had to drink aminopeptodrate milk powder before she was one year old. She often needed to be taken to the hospital because she got colds, had trouble breathing, accumulated mucus, and she would cry because she was always constipated. However, after my daughter wore the Teviron underwear, she breathes more easily and her mucus decreased and could be easily expectorated. I came to trust the product and bought the complete set.

My eldest daughter had always been one of few words, always expressed herself through gestures, and could say “mama” but not “dad”. when she was four years old, we became aware of the importance of this situation. This came as a great shock. I took my daughter to see all sorts of doctors and tried every kind of treatment, but it was to n effect. My daughter wore the Teviron clothing that was used to improve her hypersensitive constitution and her brain cells were activated.

She first learned a few more words, and then she progressed to sing an entire song, and is beginning to express what she wants to say in words. In the past, the expression in her eyes was uncertain; now she could listen to my story attentively; and calls me “dad”. I am very excited!