My back hurts and I didn't even know that I had negative and positive ions. How will I get pain relief with negative ions? Many people are looking for new answers to the age old question. How do I relieve my chronic back pain? Negative ions just might be the answer you are looking for.

As science delves deeper into the operations of health and pain relief, there are several new discoveries that stand out in solving the problems of back pain, whether it's chronic or not. Negative ions seem to be a great addition to any pain relief program. Now the problem is where to get these? You can't go to the store and buy a box of them, nor can you purchase a pill of negative ions to swallow, or even find some lotion to rub on your skin. So you ask, where can I find negative ions?

Negative ions are available in many places. They are actually negative-charged ions, which mean the oxygen atom has an extra electron. Ions are molecules that have gained or lost an electrical charge. They are created in nature. Remember the last time you walked on a beach or near a waterfall? There was a refreshing feel to the area. You may have noticed this after a thunder storm and the fresh feel of rain. This atmosphere contains tens of thousands of negative ions. Most homes or office buildings might contain a couple dozen, maybe a hundred or maybe even zero.

The air around us is always filled with electrically charged particles. They may be positive or negative but both are called ions. Unfortunately the normal environment we live in today has way too many sources of positive ions, which creates an electrical imbalance in the air and in our physical bodies. This imbalance is called free radicals. Now I have your attention. Everyone is looking to eliminate free radicals. And one of the easiest ways is to increase your exposure to negative ions.

Since it's not very likely that you'll spend all of your time next to the beach or standing under a waterfall, what's the next best thing? One of the easiest choices is to stand in the shower and let the water pour over you. This is why we feel refreshed after a nice long shower.

Wear AnionsBut being in the shower all day isn't possible either. Fortunately, there is a product that delivers negative ions to you easily directly to your body through your skins surface. This direct conduction of negative ions gives you an immediate response and changes your body's electrical field. Hence increasing your blood's pH and alkalizing it. This gives you an increase in cell function, which eliminates toxins optimally and reducing pain and inflammation. Simple answer, each cell has metabolism, this creates waste products called toxins, excess toxins create pain and inflammation. Removing toxins reduce pain. This means you feel better.

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