I would like to thank AGM Zhu Yu Da and his wife AGM Pei Zhun because of their introduction and encouragement, my family and I got the chance to experience this fantastic product.nefful users testimonials

I first found out about the Teviron products in August 2001, after having used the product for two month my blood pressure, which I have had a problem with for a long time improved.

Previously my high blood pressure was 180 and my low was at 115, after only two months my levels were down to 135/88.

I used to weigh 128 kg I lost some weight because of using this product and am now down to 119 kg.

I had a tumor in my left part of my chest that was 2.5 cm big, it also disappeared. My left wrist and spinal cord had been injured in an accident, I went to a lot of doctors to seek help but I continued to have problems.

Whenever there was a typhoon or change in seasons my wrist and spine would be in a lot of pain. After using negative ion clothing all my conditions were cured.

TL52 Teviron Long Socks

Also after using TL52 negative ion socks, I no longer had athlete’s feet or any unpleasant odors. My ankle used to be dry and rough but this problem is in the past after having used these socks for awhile.

Thanks to Zhi Ming and Xiao Feng for without them I wouldn’t find my goal in life.

Testimonial provided by Xie Fu Chen