Teviron Give Me New Life
Zhuang Wanzi
Usage: Complete set usage
I was eighteen when I was diagnosed with hereditary diabetes mellitus. I had to take medication daily for this condition. I wanted to change, so I sought a folk prescription from the traditional Chinese medicine and medical doctor. I even prayed to God about my situation and was careful to eat healthy foods. However, nothing seemed to decrease my blood sugar. My stomach was bleeding, my hands grew hard clumps, and I was very weak.

When I was thirty-eight years old, the peripheral nerve of my left foot became numb. My food cracked, became infected, and my body temperature was very high. I went to twelve hospitals in two and a half years and none of them were able to help me. I bought the complete Teviron product and found it to be very magical! In three short months, my blood sugar level decrease from 400 to 300 and my foot stopped bleeding.

I share news about the Teviron products with others constantly, and my life has become very interesting. I want to thank the Nefful Corporation for this great product.