When clothes we wear catches fire then we are made aware of the need to choose flame-retardant clothing. Consider clothing that is resistant to fire especially for our children is very important. Here are three examples of cases of children flammable clothing:

Case 1:  My daughter was very badly burned on Christmas Day 2015 after her dress caught fire from a flame spark – she spent several weeks in hospital and until this time I was completely unaware that children’s clothes have little or no fire resistance. I am keen to start campaigning for change and am beginning to realize this is going to be a very long slow process. Is anyone able to help me find out exactly what the fire testing regulations are for children’s clothes as I am having some difficulty on getting clarity, I have spoken to the fire investigation office in my area and also the children’s burns trust but both have limited knowledge.

Case 2:  It’s not something I usually think about, but recently my son had a run in with a gas cooker flame and his sleeve. Thankfully, nothing untoward happened – but I didn’t realize how many clothes aren’t marked and I am having to check all label now and there aren’t many that are fire resistant.

Case 3:  I am disgusted that the law (or lack of it) still allows retailers to sell basic death traps for children under the guise of night clothes. It seems that retailers have no obligation to ensure that children’s clothing is fire retardant. At Christmas we are more likely to burn candles especially with children in the house celebrating the arrival of Santa. Is it acceptable that 80 of our offspring have to die each year in the cause of apathy? We have nine grandchildren and intended to buy them all onesies but found that to be an impossible task as all were marked ” keep away from flames”, needless to say we were not risking it. We tried Asda, Marks and Spencer, Debenhams and many others. We should boycott all retailers who do not take our children safety to heart. The only way to force a change is to refuse to buy such rubbish. .


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