Teviron Fabric is made up by Chloridated polyethylene. Chloridated polyethylene is extracted from petroleum, using acetone and benzene as solvents to make it fibrous. The main manufacturing place for Teviron fiber is located in the Yamaguchi country of Japan.

There are four main features of Teviron fabric, which have many useful properties such as the ability to stay moist, incubation, permeation, eliminate the harmful effect of positive ion pollutants, and its fire retardant quality.

All of these properties of the Teviron fabric are very beneficial for human health.


Teviron Superior Heat Insulation1.  Excellent Heat Insulation — Healing Warmth
Many diseases and illnesses are caused by loss of body temperature. People with these conditions need to keep warm all year round. One Teviron Negative Ion garment is as warm as two layered woolen garments or three layered cotton garments. Teviron Negative Ion garments are suitable for all seasons. You can experience the health benefits all year round.

So it is designed to keep body temperature constant and offer outstanding insulation, it then helps the transmission of oxygen and nutrients to body cells.

This superior heat insulation technology is extremely suitable for mountain climbers and people who live in comparative cold areas.


Teviron Moisture Permeability

2.  Superior Water Permeability (Comfort)
Teviron Negative Ion garments provide superior water permeability. Moisture is removed from the skin and evaporates rapidly. This improves blood circulation and means oxygen and nutrients are efficiently transported to our cells. This causes an acidic body type to become slightly alkaline in nature.

Measurement the speed of moisture permeability, Teviron is obviously much better than other fabrics. An experiment was taken by Teijin Limited company of Japan reported that cotton approximately takes 40 minutes to dry while Teviron only need 10 minutes.



Negative Ion Technology

3.  Amazing Negative Ions Effect
a) Purifies the blood system, stimulating blood circulation.
b) Increases cell metabolism, causing an increase in cell activity.
c) Enhances the body’s immune system so you won’t get sick or catch cold easily.
d) Regulates autonomic nerves, enhance your health so you are always in optimal health.

The diagram is a static comparison chart for various fabrics compiled by the Texile Research Institute of Japan. This proves clearly that Teviron can generate negative static electricity when rubbing against all fabrics.

In 100cc blood serum of a healthy person contain 4mg calcium anion. Teviron fabric can modulate the level of calcium anion of blood serum to 4mg healthy level.

Since Teviron Fabric does not absorb water and has superior sweat dispersion characteristics, moisture is thus whisked away from the skin and rapidly evaporates, leaving you dry and comfortable, while other fabrics absorb moisture leave people feeling wet, sticky and icy cold, causing blood vessels to constrict, restricting the nutrients and oxygen sent to the cells.


Teviron Safety/Fire Retardance

4. Fire Retardant (Safety)
There are no negative side effects because Negative Ion Clothing is not a treatment that is orally consumed or injected. The health benefits come from simply wearing the clothing.

Negative ion clothing is also a proven and certified fire-retardant product.

Teviron was awarded the Fire Resistance label by Japan Fire Retardant Association (JFRA)



Teijin Japan

A Brief History of Teviron Clothing & its Origin?

Teviron was invented by Teijin Limited from Japan. The leading-edge technology used to produce Teviron clothing is complex. It has won many awards and acknowledgments including the Okochi Award, the highest honor in the Japanese fiber industry, the Chemistry Technological Award given by the prestigious Chemistry Association of Japan, and the Onshi Invention Award to recognize its contribution to the health of their Japanese people. Through referrals and word of mouth, this amazing clothing is now available to many people in many parts of the world.

Negative Ion (Anion) clothing is one of the best, most efficient and least invasive ways to help you and your loved ones improve and maintain good health.



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