Liu Ningfen (American)
Usage: Complete Set Usage
When I was nine years old, I would feel tired and always got fevers, at last both of my feet became swollen, and I could not walk. I was taken to the hospital and was diagnosed with acute osteomyelitis. I was operated on quickly and my life was saved. After two years of care, both of my feet could be retained but this was not to be the end of my health problems. In June of 2000, I was diagnosed with acute osteomyelitis, and I got palsy. I later found out that I was improperly diagnosed and actually had Eruthema lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. My future seemed very bleak.

I decided to use Nefful’s complete Teviron product line. Two months later, my aching symptoms were alleviated and I stopped taking my medication. I returned to the hospital for a checkup and the doctor said my situation had improved. The doctor told me that I could reduce my medication dosage and one month later he said that I could stop taking the medication but suggested I continue to use the steroids for my blood vessels. I then told my doctor that I had not been taking any medication for the past four months.

At a follow-up the doctor told me to stop taking my medication and encouraged me to wear the negative ion clothing. If I had not experienced this for myself, I would not have believed the magical effect of negative ion clothing.