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What makes our product valuable is the NEORON fiber that’s used to create the garments. The way the fiber is woven into the blanket and sheet also creates the strongest amount of negative ions. Therefore, to increase the effectiveness on the body, often, the blankets and the sheets can be customized and sewn into different product such as eye masks, neck warmers, bra inserts, face masks, waist support and eskimo hats.


Here are Our Top-Seller Customized Items


Eskimo Hat – Made from 100% Neoron Blanket.

Teviron Eskimo Hat

– Helps Ear Buzzing, Giddiness, Migraine, Headache, Hair Loss
– Helps Improve Brain Metabolism, Loss of Memory
– Promotes Good Sleep, Tinnitus

Various Colors Available – Free Size





Negative Ion Clothing Singapore


Bra Pad  –  Made from NEORON blanket material. 

– Firm up sagging breast
– Stimulate breast growth, breast enhancement
– Help blood circulation

Various Colors Available – Free Size






Negative Ion Clothing Singapore


Waist Support – Made from NEORON Blanket for maximum effect. Ideal for back pains, reduce water retention at stomach areas, kidney, liver, weight loss, constipation, burn tummy fat and protecting your organs around stomach area.

waistband-tailor-made Creative ways to wear:
1.  Wrap it around your waist area
2.  Wrap it around the chest area to relief chest pain
3.  Sling it over the shoulder areas to ease aches and pain
M,L,XL,2L sizes 


– Keep waist area warm
– Indigestion, constipation
– Back pain



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nefful negative ion clothing catalogue
Nefful Negative Ion Clothing Catalogue

To request a copy of the catalogue, simply contact Jenny Lim at (65) 8182 3325

Negative Ion Clothing Singapore


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Jenny LimHi, thank you for your interest in our health clothing product. Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it. If money can help buy good health will you be curious to find out what this clothing is about? Dr.Noboru Horiguchi wrote: "The cause of diseases lies inside the cells of our body. A sick body whose illness comes from damaged cells cannot recover even if very expensive drugs, good nutrients, and the best medical care are administered. I realized the necessity of curing the roots, namely the cells in human beings. With energetic cells, human bodies also become healthy enough to block disease or even cure them." For more information of Negative Ion Clothing, simply contact me or send an email.
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